No idea where the hell to put this post, I didnt take the time to scroll through the forums but like....BYOND should make a categorizing feature for pager friends.

I come across this suggestion because I see a large list of people on my pager and most of the time im like...where the hell did I meet them from? So basicly just make a user input of a group they'd like to create, then they could sort their friends accordingly to their own groups.
Your foretold reply (if any) by Tom or Lummox Jr:

Thought: We just updated the website, we need to get back to work on our Engine and the Flash Port. Now they want us to incorporate some organization to pager friends? That'll take a while, we can't do that.

Response: "A good idea, but we're busy." or "Use MSN"
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Damn you Psychic. Lets just see how accurate you are =P
Check the menu at the top of the page.

Help->Request a Feature
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Lmao, I was totally looking for that, for some reason I thought there was a specific forum for that.