What exactly does it mean? I've noticed whenever I join a server and look at the hub, I am not listed. And usually in every single server I see on BYOND there is at least one person "private". What does this mean? How can you prevent it?
It's basically if you set your page to show you as [Private] instead of [Online], it won't show you listed as a player on a game's hub.
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And how would I modify it?

I'm already set to online in my pager and it still lists me as private.
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Duelmaster409 wrote:
And how would I modify it?

File >> Preferences >> General - Pager type
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Yeah, it's set to public.
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Is there a way to make it not list your location to anyone on your pager but still show you as online? I've only seen the options to let your friends see your location, every see your location, or to turn off your pager.
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Currently, there is no option to do that.