How can I message people? Does byond have messaging system?
The BYOND Pager(the small window that you log in to, with a blue atom symbol) has a paging system, with which you can send messages to other people's keys(yours is Joesycop, mine is Kaiochao). If you're not a BYOND Member, you may only send pages to people who have added you on their pager Friends list. BYOND Members can page anyone at any time.
Joesycop wrote:
Does byond have messaging system?

Not one worth using. I'd recommend a dedicated messenger like MSN, though the most recent update for it was horrible.
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Which is why pidgen (or some other program like it) is better!
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I prefer to transfer my messages via owls ;)
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If your messaging at night that's cool, but in the day there would be HUGE delays!
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Its all about the signals in the sky kinda like batman, thats how I contact people from byond and the world look there it is now!
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But that's how satellites and WiFi work! Light signals from the air!