Well I have a unique instance of find & replace that I want to use in BYOND.

I want to make it so once it find instance X it will replace it with instance Y and instance X, basically effectively adding instance Y to the square. Is there a way to quickly do this on large maps? I know I can probably edit the map through notepad & add instance Y to the list of things to the square but is there a way through the actual interface, I tried using instance Y, instance X but that just makes it replace with the second thing never adding the first.
Control + H
Edit -> Advanced Find/Replace
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You apparentally failed to understand my question, I want to replace an object with another object+a second object.

Advanced find & replace is where you can replace objects but lets say I want to replace /obj/crystal with /obj/newcrystal + /obj/crystaloutline for example, fake objects but yah. How would I replace one object with 2 objects in its place. In the real scenario I want to basically add an object whereever the other object appears so I would be re-adding the old thing too.

Is there anyway I can do this to replace 1 item with 2 items or add an item whereever X item is on the map to begin with?

I since edited the map file in notepad so that I could easily accomplish what I wanted but using Advanced Find & Replace or another method is there a way to replace an item with itself+another item? It seems not considering replace seems quite literal having to be the same type, where as my thought it should only simply be removing the old thing and adding the new thing(s) not doing anything else, I don't know why it does anything different.
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Backup your map.

In Map Editor make one object1 + object2 tile. Then open map in notepad, find these lines:
xx object1
yy object1 + object2
xx and yy can be any letters.
Replace object1 with object1 + object2, then remove whole yy line. Use search to replace all yy with xx.
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I already made the changes & knew how to do what I want with notepad already, but I was asking if advanced find & replace could do similar or something else in the program itself. I know I can do whatever I want editing the file as it's not even hard.