Well I created a hub for a game, people played, earned medals, I decided to delete the hub, I figured the medals would dissappear as you know, theres no hub, meaning no medals do I get rid of those old medals so for the new hub or even if I just removed medals in general those medals won't be there anymore?

Is that possible, and as for general sake, why doesn't it get rid of those accompanying medals when the game dissappears completely? Those medals would be ir-relevant at that point, or at least give the games developer a way to get rid of said medals, since the hub is gone even if there was a way I think an admin must possibly do it now.
Well, if you had a record of the medals that were given and who each medal was given too you could use world.ClearMedal() to get rid of them all but if you don't that would be useless at this point.
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Technically that might have worked in general even, check for the medal when people login then clear it if they have it, or just simply try to clear them all when they login to the new game, but considering I deleted the hub entry it seems to be no longer possible for me myself to do it.

Maybe an admin could do it for me?

I tried re-creating the hub but it shows then no medals for the game even though it's the same game, same hub & everything, I guess it doesn't re-link to the new game & possibly even earn all new medals if I were to try giving them new ones again of the same ones just to have it clear them, or maybe it'd work, I don't really know.

Either way would be better for an admin to do it then they don't have to login & i'd know their gone.
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...Remake the hub. Re-add the medals. Create a program to cycle through people who earned the medal via GetMedal or something like that, then use ClearMedal. Delete hub.

It's awesome.
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Logic dictates that SHOULD work, but not everything is logical. Logic dictates that medals attached to a hub that does not exist should not exist themselves, but they are existing regardless. This means that the hub system does not operate logically, and therefore a logical approach has a good chance of failing.
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Falacy wrote: DreamMakers?command=view_tracker_issue&tracker_issue=2398

Thanks for finding the bug report falacy, maybe this'll get fixed then & considering what all was said even re-adding the medals & taking away may not work, but it is worth a try, the most i'd be able to do though since I don't have a list of people that earned what medals would be to just add/remove them for anyone joining my new game.