I didn't do anything different but now it wont let me host. I had to restart my computer because the internet was acting funny and i shutdown my server after saving and such, it was Dead and Walking btw, and when my computer was done restarting i started up dream daemon and it wont let players join. So wtf?
The normal server cant be joined and the Play Now button on the games page is gone. Whats happening?
This should be in the BYOND Help Software Problems forum, where you'd provide the essential data the template requests for easy debugging.
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are YOU or anyone else in/on your network connected trough a wireless connection?

If so you're the lucky winner of the "your IP adress has been changed" lottery.

I'm pretty sure that's the case, which it usually is,and in your case, since you yourself say nothing else has changed.

Almost all routers have the basic function of giving out IP's based on when you connect to it, i.e the first one to connect gets .1, 2nd one get's .2 and so on... regardless of what port in the router you're plugged in to.

run cmd.exe and type in ipconfig(possibly ipconfig /all) and you'll get all the info you need to open a port on your router. then go to and look up your router for info on how to do so.

Since you've hosted before you probably already know how to do this, which means that all you need to do is to change the last digit of the ip to the digit your computer has.

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I do. Also IM sure no one else is connect. IM sure nothing has changed. It worked like 10min ago and then no one could join 0.0 It was weird. IM getting annoyed.
Same thing happened to me the same day it happened to joesycop.

I was hosting fine, but then it stopped and my port stopped working. I went in and changed the open port to a different port and it started working again. It's like Byond broke my port or something.
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Sometimes, randomly, ports just seem to die out. This can happen during power outages, or with computer issues. As far as IP addresses go, those reset sometimes too so you have to resolve that issue by running cmd.exe(or searching for it and clicking on it) and typing in ipconfig /all to get your address.
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In response to Joesycop
How did you fix the issue? Knowing that will help others who have this problem in the future.

Lummox JR
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I have a server hosted for the game Dead and Walking and I can send my friends invites through messages on the pager and they can join but besides that its not on the pager or website. Why not? I don't have any privacy things marked so its free to whoever wants to join. So how do i get it hosted to where others can see it on the website?
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I logged in to my router, By typing or w/e it is into my web browser, and then changed the ip address it was port forwarding because it was wrong by 3 numbers. It was and it shoulda been
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Just today it stopped letting me host again for no reason what so ever and changing the port this time didn't work. I'm going to blame Byond.