I am not sure since which update, but for awhile now whenever I have tried to click "Play Now" on a webpage it doesn't even run BYOND. I look in my pager, I do not have the "BYOND Central is not accessible." message, just BYOND will not open the link. No blue window pops open attempting to connect. I can't even join games through the pager, aside from copying the "Play Now" link, and pasting it into a bookmark on the pager. I have Windows 7, and have BYOND running with administrator permissions, but that hasn't seemed to have helped at all.

And, sorry if this has already been posted, I didn't see any posts with the same problem as me.
Which browser? I know Chrome has a problem with byond:// links, which is what the play now link is.
Issues like this are really best handled in BYOND Help or as a bug report, where we can collect more information. I see you're using version 474 (which rules out the specific Chrome bug we found a workaround for a while back) but I don't have any info on what browser you're using, and which games you're trying to join. One thing I would recommend though is an uninstall and reinstall of BYOND, which should hopefully reset the byond:// protocol on your system if that broke for any reason.

Lummox JR
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Thanks, once I reinstalled it, it started working. Apparently my BYOND got relocated on my laptop when I installed a different program, and just didn't allow it to open the links.
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Ah, that makes sense. The byond:// protocol is set up to open the pager, but if Windows can't find the pager it can't launch it. Glad reinstalling fixed your issue.

Lummox JR