One of the worst parts of using Drawball is finding or making a solid color place to draw. So, what do we do about this? Give up and go home? Well, I am already home, so we will pretend that is not an option.

I got bored, and wanted to create a canvas, but I can't draw a line to save my life(I swear that is how I will die), so I created a program to do it, thanks to the wonderful AutoIt.

How does it work? Well, it is a 3 point system. It will work for any program, paint works for testing. Run the script(Requires AutoIt v3)
Once it is running, press Alt+Shift+C, once for Start point, Second time for bottom point, and a 3rd for width. To pause it mid-run, use Alt+Shift+P.

If you use it in pain, try moving the mouse while it is running, you get some really need looking stuff. Surely there is a good use for this... somewhere...

Have fun playing!

[edit] Script updated, the brush size and speed are now defined as variables for easy editing.

Now repeats untill you close it, which is defaulted at Alt+Shift+X [/edit]
Already put to evil by Airjoe: