In the last version of BYOND, how were users tampering with scores? As someone who once used a pretty simple method to do this (which was pretty ruined to a certain extent after the medals and hub passwords update), I'm curious at how people did it through Dreamseeker.
Maybe, someone created a random password generator for all possible possibilities; and sent Score/Medal stuff frequently with these passwords.
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Eh, that would take forever, though. I guess it's possible, but who wants to brute force a password with BYOND? I mean, really, assuming that BYOND accepts only numbers and letters in hub passwords (it probably accepts symbols, too, though), and that hub passwords can only be 10 characters long (I bet they can be longer), there are 3656158440062980 possible passwords. Even if you say it's only 4 characters long, you're still looking at 1679616 different passwords.

EDIT: Plus, hub passwords can have varying lengths, adding a lot more permutations than what I have up there.
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What I want to know is why about 3-5 weeks before the subject of a new feature on the way happened when there was still a noted security whole from when Ranch Jolly and possibly others exploited a Yu-Gi-Oh game score list and medals.