Can we get back functionality to close the left sidebar? Just got a new netbook and a chunk of my screen is just useless space with that thing. Would appreciate it done on a cookie basis again (not by key) so that it's still there on my regular laptop.
I would second that. I view the forum from work sometimes, and the big orange bar may attract the wrong kind of attention to my screen.
The current layout is pretty much what everyone has been asking for, with just a few changes. Though, aside from taking up development time I don't see any downside to bringing back this feature.
So that's a no, or what?
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Apparently, that's a 'it's such an awful idea that we're not going to even reply'.
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Kaioken wrote:
'...we're not going to even reply'.

This happens a bit too often on this forum :\
if you're on chrome, install adblock+ and hit Alt+W then click on the white part of the sidebar. this should hide it for you
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You can do it on Firefox, as well.