A score list which can be used to list custom indexes would be nice. What I mean by this is the ability to add scores to the score list without having to provide a player argument, but an index argument, so the value passed along with the proc in indexed customly. You could use this to save clan scores etc.

Like say:

Clan Name|Score
Dragon Slayers | 500
Lolbies | 800

This could then be updated by indexing a value into a custom index, presumably the name of a player's clan in this case.
Use a fake mob, like so
NOT SURE IF THIS WILL WORK. This is just my hypothesis...

mob/verb/SubmitClanScore(T as text, N as num)
//T==Clan Name
//N==Clan Score
T = "Clan: " + "[T]"
var/mob/dummy/X = new()
del X