Trying to edit a transparent window is a pain, you basically have to set the BG back to a solid color when editing, and then change it back again when you're done. Would it be possible to either leave the window visible during editing, or at least leave it click-on-able? You can't even place new controls on a transparent window...

EDIT: If transparent windows/controls set by color; could work like transparent labels set by the check box (while on a solid BG); that would be nice.

Windows have the option to stretch the BG image to fit them, but for buttons, labels, etc, the only option is to size the control to fit the image. Would it be possible to get a stretch feature for controls too? So that we can have images re-size to fit the controls. This way we can just make 1 BG image and use for on everything, regardless of what size is actually needed.

EDIT: After seeing the distortion that stretch causes (random pink/yellow pixels), maybe this isn't such a good idea.