I propose that the Dream Maker Icon Editor should be able to create and edit pixmaps of sizes higher than 32x32, though increments in the pixmaps' sizes both width and height should be applied in multiples of 32x32-sized tiles.

Say I make a 64x64 pixmap then save it. The pixmap could be broken down into 4 different tiles of 32x32 size, then be given x and y co-ordinates then saved in a different portion of the dmi's data bank with named arguments named on the basis of the icon state's position in the dmi( index wise ), with an extra number at the end separated by a delimiter defining the number of the tile, so the tiles could be indexed again later. These tiles could then be hand-picked for use in image() and icon() procs with an extra argument referring to which "tile" of the selected iconstate we want.


I make the following 64x64 pixmap and want to save it. I give the iconstate the name of "yeti_print".

The pixmap is broken into four different tiles of 32x32, these tiles are saved into a portion of the dmi, being named relatively to the yeti_print iconstate.





Now say I want to get the tile of co-ordinates 2,2 from the iconstate of yeti_print using a proc. An extra argument could suffice as a means of locating the tile relating to the wanted co-ords.
image( icon='yeti.dmi', icon_state="yeti_print", tile="2,2" ) would return , which could then be used to make multi-tile objects more efficiently.

A syntax for implying iconstate tile selection in the icon_state variable could be written as icon_state = "yet_print:2,2", or in a list such as icon_state = list( "yeti_print", "2,2" [other icon options, such as dir could be listed in this list too] )

I'm pretty sure it does this already. Except for the tile proc, which you can write yourself pretty easily.
proc/getTile(icon,icon_state="",position="1,1")return icon(icon,icon_state+" [pos]")

I myself haven't used multitiled icons, so the format of the icon states DM generates could be different. I think it's a space instead of a colon, though.
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What I stated is a feature that would allow the developer to create and edit pixmaps larger than 32x32 size in real time, with the only exception that additions to the width and height of the pixmap would be done in increments of 32x32 pixel tiles. Being able to edit them at hand would be a great asset.
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Oh, then it's been suggested many times before.
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Really? I couldn't find any topics on the subject when searching. Would you mind linking me to a topic on this very same subject please?
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It's probably the most suggested thing at the moment besides client-side processing. Here's a large thread on the second page of this forum: