why dont you make a function in the classified ads section that parses new topics for the words naruto, bleach, dragonball, and/or pokemon, and if any of these exist either automaticaly delete the post, or prevent it from being started in the first place...
Since 90% of the posts there are about these 4 fan-games and end up being deleted 10 minutes later by the forum staff, it would probably save some time and effort in the long run. Plus it would help keep the anoying lil nooblies away =P
It's a potentially okay idea, but not if those posts were just automatically rejected or something to that extent. Other than being obviously not foolproof and error-prone, have something as obvious as that and soon people will simply bypass the filter by writing stuff like "P0kem0n" etc or not write those words at all, which will make this feature quite meaningless.
You could, however, notify moderators of any new topics that seem to be about fangames, or something like that, so they get caught more easily. Perhaps there should even be an approval system for all of Classified Ads' new topics, since the moderators have lots of work deleting topics left-and-right there already.
"I'm making a really cool puzzle game called SausageMonkey because I got tired of working on that stupid Naruto game that I was working on before and now I want some help making graphics for my puzzle game!"

The point being that a lot of people make references to these things in their ads regardless of whether or not their game is based on them.
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I propose we delete any threads that have anything to do with Naruto, Pokemon, or Bleach, anywhere, any time, and then just nuke the whole Anime section.
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That's a brilliant idea! While we're at it we should remove the Action, Casual, RPG, and Strategy sections since those game concepts aren't 100% original.
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We should also eliminate all unoriginal posts, such as your post over there! =P
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We should get rid of the whole BYOND site too since it's in English. If they really wanted to be original they should have created their own language.
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SuperAntx wrote:
If they really wanted to be original they should have created their own language.

I love the irony.

George Gough
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Lets get rid of you. Just for the hell of it.

Foomer's post is a good reason why this won't ever be added, and this thread is getting flame war written all over it -- closed.