Either remove the option to sort by "Popularity" or re-add an actual display of game's ranks somewhere (at least on the hub edit page so the creator can see it). Its a pain trying to count games to see what things are ranked, considering this doesnt even give an accurate portrayal since offline games are excluded.
Developers being able to see their ranks on their hub edit pages could be nifty, but are offline games excluded from lists other than the live games?
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is there a way to get a list of all games?
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Falacy wrote:
is there a way to get a list of all games?

I assume this is the place to view all of the games that are currently in a guild. From there you can view their popularity.
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as i said, that excludes offline games
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There's an "all games" tab on the search page for that purpose.

Lummox JR
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I only get the all games tab when im in a guild, not when im actualy looking at all games o.o