Requests for the Player Tab in Dream Deamon:
-can you add a number/counter to the left of each name to show how many players have been on.
-make it possible to sort by the name/time like we can do on the pager with friends and games.
-also it says name but isnt it really key <.<
Falacy wrote:
-also it says name but isnt it really key <.<

Which is the player name.
In response to Kaioken
no, key and name arent the same thing
In response to Falacy
A BYOND 'key' is a player's name/nickname/identifier. So that's what Dream Daemon shows. The name variable defaults to the key anyway, but it is something that is relevant only inside your game itself; it isn't actually the player's identifier. Hence why the key is shown as the name instead.
It might be a nice touch to show the name variable too, but it isn't required