They would be very useful for people who want a simpler way of radar systems or multiple viewpoints. They don't have to be controllable, just another eye to see from. For example, if you wanted a radio-controlled car, you could be able to see its view and your own view in two separate windows.

A radar control could have specific options such as type color-coding and range, along with background color.

It's not necessary, but it would be easier.
This won't happen anytime soon. BYOND is too heavily geared around a single map display.

Lummox JR
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you could still so easily make it like that though already.

i will be making a lib over it soon.
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I know how to change client.eye. When I say multiple viewpoints, I mean multiple viewpoints at the same time. With two different maps. I also know how to make HUD radars already.

Which is why I said it isn't necessary, but it'd be nice..
In response to Kaiochao2536 (#3)
i know, im talking about something thats not hud...

and i know how to do two different viewpoints, but its not another map control, as it cant do it right now, it works a little different but will get you exactly what you want.
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I'm thinking a grid, but that wouldn't have movement. Nor an output control.
In response to Kaiochao2536 (#5)
thats because you have to override things to get it to work how you like it, think very very far outside of the box, xD
In response to Superbike32 (#6)
In response to Kaiochao2536 (#7)
no, its regular byond code and such, i just do a bit of stuff to trick it into doing what i need it to... lol
In response to Superbike32 (#8)
It's not a map control, is it?
In response to Kaiochao2536 (#9)
well, its kind of part of the same map control, malformed to allow you to add two different map things within the same control, rotated, turned, and everything else, till you get the desired resulkting outcome...
In response to Superbike32 (#10)
I'd like to see that :P
In response to Superbike32 (#2)
You can't have multiple map controls, as that would require multiple client.eye variables, or a list of valid eyes. Currently, it can only refer directly to one object, hence there can only be one map control.
In response to Popisfizzy (#12)
the map control is a little malformed....

but, it is one still, but also, i have made it hoe he seems to want it, plus there can only be one client.eye, fixed, im using two different mob client eyes at once.
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There is only one client per instance of Dream Seeker, so what you're trying is absolutely impossible. The client controls the mob, and controlling two mobs requires constantly chaning the value of client.mob. You obviously have very little understanding of how DM works, which is more evidence towards the fact that you aren't going to be able to make this library.
In response to Popisfizzy (#14)
na, i already made this work and all, i just havent made it a lib yet.

also, i have a high understanding, and it is all one map control, and all, just bigger and stuff and having two maps overlap onto the same map controls.

and a different client sight thing too, and is very hard to explain.
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Then make the lib and prove him wrong. If you had it work already, it shouldn't be long until you have it in a library.
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it just depends on me and school, and how lazy i am sometimes.