Applicable Configuration:
BYOND Version: 962
Operating System: Vista

byond_version seems to only give whole numbers,
ie: 400 instead of 400.962,
this is rather useless in trying to notify players that their byond is out of date <.<

useless version detection is a feature is it?
In response to Falacy (#1)
Falacy wrote:
useless version detection is a feature is it?

Outputting the build is a feature request, and IMO an unnecessary one. Every public release of BYOND should technically have a new version number (currently: 400). The builds are intended for private use. Things have just gotten a bit muddled during this beta testing period, but that will pass shortly.
In response to Tom (#2)
im not using it for outputting... well not exactly
just that if youre using the original release of 4.0, when the macros on windows were all screwed up, the messanger system i made wont work properly, so i was gona tell people to update if they didnt have the newest version <.<
which turned out to not work bekuz of this <.O