When changing the anchor points manualy, using the "Other" choice in the drop down, if you set them to one of the preset choices, (100 100 for bottom right) when you go back in after testing, the drop down will be set to this preset choice, so you have to click it again and pick other before you can change the numbers, not sure if this is meant to happen, and its not exactly a major bug, but it can get rather anoying since i usualy have to try several different number combinations before i get the desired scale effects
This is not a bug, and at best fits into the realm of a feature request. The thing is, 0,0 is always recognized as being top left, and if we did what you suggest, then all anchors would always load showing "Other" in the dropdown, which is far less intuitive than having to switch to Other to try some alternative choices. So there's really no way to change it to the way you would like without producing behavior that's far less desirable.

Lummox JR