Well, if there was a proc imbedded that allowed players to take screenshots that could be used as pictures, it would be awesome! It would save it to the host computer and be deleted after each reboot. Thoughts?
A client proc that will send a full screen capture to the host would indeed be very nice. If this were to include the entire window, it could be a great tool for customer service (used for securely reporting abusive players and such, more secure than just having someone send you a screen shot manually since it's straight from the game and you know it hasn't been tampered with).

Of course, it'd be the game developers responsibility to ensure that it is implemented into their game in a way in which it cannot be abused (They need to make sure they don't just add a "screen shot" verb that players can macro and rapid-fire to fill up the host's hard drive and cause issues)

Would probably have three args, client, window, and filename.

window and filename would be optional. If no window ID is specified, it'd just take a capture of whatever is currently focused in dream seeker. If no file is specified, it'd just be their key (append duplicates with an incrementing number).

As an alternative to this: a proc that can be run on specific output boxes to show/save the entire text contents (Or the last X amount of lines).
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And maybe options, like if it was screenshot(1) it would be map and text. if it was screenshot(2), it would be map?
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I suppose the window argument could either be a window ID or the ID of the map control.
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I just need the map in some cases, for a camera in game. But it would also be good for host purposes.
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There's a few libraries out there that'll take pictures of the screen for you. Android Data has one, I believe.