It'd be nice if the BYOND pager had an option to disable its alerts if a fullscreen game is running. Or maybe a semi-prominently placed "do-not-disturb" button/mode, that suppresses the alerts while in effect.
Seconded. Now only if Trillian would add an option like that.
Do you mean alerts as in sounds? It only takes a few seconds to press ctrl+p on the pager and then go to the alerts tab and disable them. A full screen game does not jump up on someone, usually.
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I'm fairly certain he means the popup alerts.
It would also be nice if you could clearly state which friends/games should trigger an alert.
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Audeuro wrote:
I'm fairly certain he means the popup alerts.

Sorry for the bump, but I thought those little bubbles were removed because I haven't gotten them for quite a while now. All I get is the sound, but no bubble. What should I do, uninstall and reinstall? Did something corrupt? Everything else works normally.