Well, I know you can get an RSS feed to your computer for blogs, but can you get one so if you have BYOND running it makes a sound when someone post something new or someone comments a blog you are subscribed to?
Yes. In your member settings, there is an option to have it send you a page every time there is a reply on blog comments you are watching or on one of your posts. You can also make it page you if one of your watched blogs(Friends) makes a post.
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Alright, I just couldnt find anything like that. Ill look harder, thanks!
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In your member settings(Not from "Your Account" on the forums, but rather "Edit Your Site" on the members page) find the check boxes as follows:

Send a pager message when someone replies to your forum posts
Send a pager message when someone comments on a subscribed comment
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Ok, I looked under that tab things but couldn't find it. Could you explain where it is?
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Thanks! I got it.