I request a feature that would allow me to "ignore" someone on the forums, that is, they can't reply to any of my posts. Do you get what I'm saying?

With the exception of forum moderators, of course! =)
Very bad suggestion IMO. Stopping other users from posting definitely shouldn't be a regular-user's thing. Its one thing of its actual 'ignore', as-is, only that user doesn't see that person's posts, but he is able to reply and others can see his posts. And that also has it's disadvantages.
Also its not like it'll stop people from replying since they can reply to a different post in the thread and address you, hell, 50% of the people here always 'reply to the wrong posts' anyway.

Basically, you can turn your built-in ignore mechanism. You don't have to read a post if you don't feel like it (!).
This is a forum, not a chatroom. If someone deserves to be ignored on the forum, they are a problem for the entire community, not just you, and moderators will take action against them. If someone does not deserve to have their posts moderated, then they shouldn't be ignored either.

If someone has a reply which isn't worth your time, they shouldn't be posting it in the first place. A forum is a place for worthwhile discussion.
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I only meant stopping them from posting to your particular thread. What's wrong with that?
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Uh yeah half the time people who post here are just trolling and being just all around annoying, just to be that way. Moderators either don't notice this, or are giving too many chances.
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I'd prefer something like not being able to see their posts. However, I can see it causing quite a few problems in the future. Scenario:

I make a post, "I need help wif gm lol."

Kaioken comes along, who I have ignored, and makes a post explaining the process of writing up an administration system.

I bump my post up, 24 hours later, asking why no one has helped me.

Someone else responds to my thread, telling me that Kaioken had already given me some advice.

I then admit that I have Kaioken ignored, and look like a fool.
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Solution: Instead of completely hiding posts, just put a block on the content. So you can see that there's a post there, but the contents are just not displayed.

Ignore lists of this kind are always a good thing in my opinion.
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Kaioken would never explain that to you. :P
At best, I could imagine a type of ignore that doesn't send pager alerts when someone replies to your posts. Then the pager doesn't badger you, and you don't have to read the post if you don't want to.

1. the marketplace or public square of an ancient Roman city, the center of judicial and business affairs and a place of assembly for the people.
2. a court or tribunal: the forum of public opinion.
3. an assembly, meeting place, television program, etc., for the discussion of questions of public interest.

The problem is that forums are, by definition, public things. Where everyone can hear what everyone else is saying- so people's opinions can be held. That's kind of the point of forums.

Being able to selectively block certain people from posting in a thread doesn't really make much sense in the context of a public forum. On a personal, private blog, sure... but there'd not be much point in a forum in the first place if people able to choose who can and who can't post (the exception of course, being the moderators who are there to keep people in line.).

You could've blocked me from replying to your posts, so I would never've been able to make my opinion of your opinion heard. If that is the case, what would've been the point in making the thread in the first place? Just sending a support form off to the staff would've been just as good.
I second what others have said. However, I think an "ignore thread" feature would be both nifty and useful, both so that giant monster argument threads don't clutter up the screens of non-combatants, and so that those of us who have a hard time letting things be don't have to rely entirely on our non-existent willpower.

I'm speaking, of course, of Elation here.