BYOND Version: 3.5 Beta (348.905)

Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition

Web Browser: Internet Explorer & Fire Fox

Game/Hub(s): N/A

Detailed Problem Description: When games crash you will find that the HUB reports that people are still playing and that it's still up.

Code Snippet to Reproduce Problem: N/A

Does the problem occur: Alot, most games, all computers and all user accounts.

Other Comments: This is VERY annoying and i've seen this since I started playing BYOND in 2001. PLEASE fix this, it will make me and alot of people more happier.
Say this with me.

Hub is not an acronym.
"Hub is not an acronym."

You are thinking of HUD, or Heads-Up Display. This problem has been reported many, many times before- use the search tool.
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Games section then. Whatever, still this issue really needs to be resolved.
In response to Stevenw9
I also notice this in certain games/servers, because I tried to log in to one that has more than one person, which gives a connection failed message. It doesn't affect every game/server but it does happen to several games/servers.
The reason behind this is the game never reports that it was closed to the hub so the hub doesn't know it closed. If we had the hub scanning each entry all the time we'd be using more resources than acceptable so it relies on the game sending data.
In response to Nadrew
It should be made that if a game does not report back for 5 minutes (or less) that it removes the entry until it reports back again.
If every client in the game is using Beta 5, this is not an issue. If even one client is not using Beta 5, the game will still show up as live.
In response to Mike H
Really? So it was fixed? Coolness.