I was wondering if there's a way currently to check if a user need to download resources for the game or not. This way when a user logs in, you can check if he has the resource files. If s/he does not, you relocate the user to the resource downloading area. This would save a lot of server stress. If there's no way to do it now, could it be implemented sometime in the near future?
Your best bet is to use the preload_rsc variable, this'll let the users download the resources from a place besides the host machine to keep network lag down for other users.
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Ahh. preload_src="url to resource file". Most useful, thanks.
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It would still be nice to know if they have to download the resources. Not only that, but also when they have finished.

When I used to mess around with fancy intro scenes and effects, people that joined did not know what I was talking about when I asked them how it was; because they did not see any of it.

Either way, it would be nice to know whenever someone is downloading resources.
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So you could build a "loading screen" prehaps?
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Yes. You could link them in the browser to something more visually pleasing than a black map, or you could link them to a web page with instructions or game news or whatever is useful.

Either functions that we can overwrite which are called when downloading starts and stops, or even just a simple boolean variable.