I was trying to surf the site on my new cellphone, and it was rather hard. The list of forums does not display well on a small screen. I like the idea, but why not do it all the way. Also, typing the url in a cell phone is painfull, how about something smaller for a url, like "" or ""(Gmail's url for cell phones is Just some ideas. If we want to trim it down, why not trim it down all the way, 86ing all the needless, but useful, stuff. I am paying extra for internet on my phone, so I would really love better support from byond, not required or anything, but usefull.
Sorry to bump this, but it could be very useful.

The address is a pain to type out/even remember, plus it's also a bit too big. Maybe keep both versions and make a super mini version? ( for really mini, for mini?)
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Agreed, this could be more usefull.