I would like it if I were able to allow non-members who I have added to my pager to be able to freely page me, while those I have not added cannot. This would do a great deal of help to me, as well as others I'm sure =)
It's already able to be done, I think. Check "Edit site" in your blog.
In response to Ol' Yeller
Why would you be able to set pager options in your blog section?
In response to Loduwijk
You can, but that allows any non-member to page you as they wish. I only want the ones I have added to my pager to be able to page me at will.
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Because the blog section is an easily updated *Members Only"
area. That way you won't have to download extra features and non-members won't have to see it.
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Here's the best way to do it: Add the people you want and put your pager on PRIVATE, not Public. I think this stops you from showing up on the Hub, but this way nobody but the people on your list can see that you're online so they won't know to page you unless you're in a game with them, but there's still that Pager Ban feature =P