I'm not sure if it was brought up once (or many times) before, but I'm gonna make a point of it anyways.

I think that editing of one's text in pages should be completely disabled. I have been spammed with maximum size font far too many times, and if the people who use the pager aren't happy with plain text pages, then too bad.
You can turn off HTML in pages in DreamSeeker's options.

DreamSeeker -> Options -> Preferences... -> Pager

I am guessing that would disable HTML in incoming pages.
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*Cracks out the dunce cap again*
Well, I found that option shortly after I posted. Meh.
But now I have one: Limit the amount of characters in incoming pages. Even with HTML off, I still get spammed out to the point where I can't find the user's key. Maybe 500 characters?
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From a few minutes ago in chatters:
[01 Oct 13:49] Dracimor: Set it to go to text window rather than pager window
[01 Oct 13:49] Dracimor: then start a log
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I used to have that problem. Then I switched pager output to the main text window, and it works like a charm! Now I don't have to fiddle around with that tiny pager interface whenever I'm having a pager conversation. =)