Cant dantom make the the "creators" of all those dbz games move to FanGames.DragonBallZ.

Nope. They have to submit a channel of their own, then add their games to their channel.
In response to Garthor
eh well i think they should be like hey... ya you change your damn listin' fool. But that just my opinion
In response to Hendrix
Actually, once a payment method is back into place, I think to post something on the HUB, you should have to pay for the web space and such. That way, PLAYING a game and making a game is still free, get a hub listing, one should need to pay for it.
In response to Goku72
Nah. Paying just for a HUB entery would slow things down too much. At the very least they would need 2 free enteries per key.
Also, some enteries would have to be free, for example Libaries and Demos.
In response to Goku72
I reckon it should be free to make hub entries, but you should have to use your own webspace (or pay Dantom for some) on which to park the zip files.
In response to Crispy
Nah, then the HUB would be full of dead links. I like it as it is now, everything works fine.
In response to DarkView
Except Dantom is losing money and their servers are clogged by junk.

If I understand correctly, eventually Dantom isn't going to allow people to upload files to the hub, they'll have to have their games on their own sites, just for the sake of keeping their server from getting bogged down. But you'd have to get some official word on that.
In response to Foomer
They should whipe all the non-polished games that havent been updated in 3 months+ at the end of every month. Although that would probably lead to problems.
HendrixandCamo wrote:
Cant dantom make the the "creators" of all those dbz games move to FanGames.DragonBallZ.


Youi mustn't rip Zeta to get in that channel man. If you didn't.. Goood!!!!!!!! Good job! I solute you man! I give you a browny badge and a bag of Kentucky Fried Chicken! Good! Well, you must create a channel then res bumitt. Thanks!

what happened to all the dbz games
In response to Seige1010
Their fuel, the BYONDime is running on "E", a lot of them are dissappearing ^_^
In response to Goku72
And hurrah to that!
In response to Foomer
I love that idea.Personaly I dont see why it hasnt been inforced.All this junk is using up Dan and
Tom's valuable webspace and clogging up the servers.
In response to RaeKwon
What are you on?
In response to Foomer
But what about people who can't upload stuff to webspace because they DON'T KNOW HOW!!

I am a thirteen year old who absolutly LOVES programming (and before anybody says it, I do NOT make Zeta rips. I don't even play Zeta. Search for my HUB entries if you don't believe me) And if this change is implemented, how the hell will I put anything on the hub? I don't know HOW to upload something to personal webspace, and I couldn't get any to upload to.
In response to Jotdaniel
In response to Foomer
Taxation on dimes...if you transfer dimes from key to key it should be taxed!
In response to Jp
Uh... you figured out how to program but you can't figure out how to get a personal webspace? They still give these things away for free, you know.
In response to Jp

Look at webFTP. It doesn'texactly require a degree in Quantum Physics to work out. But then, I hear that Quantum Physics isn't all that hard.
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