BYOND ver 321 has some graphical errors that caises the game to get all screwy to certain usr's. Such as a slime will be there as a mob/locate, and the next time it isnt. I have a patch of 318 but if i run it will it erase the 321 files as well instead of just overlapping and leaving them there?
Instead of just patching, the BYOND files tend to be totally overwritten by updates. I think the old update should not leave much of a trace of the new version. Is there something new left over?

(Games will not be overwritten. Things which you create should be recompiled with the different (older) version in order to take advantage of the old methods.)
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ok i understand that part but when i upgraded from 316 i had 18 files downloaded, when i went from 318 - 321 it was 23 files downloaded so extra files were added, will these be erased when i downgrade is what im asking.
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Ah, I remember that.

In theory I think the new files would no longer be referenced because the old version did not know about them. They will not be erased, but they should not affect the program either. They might take up a little harddrive space, but I wouldn't worry about them.
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ok thanks for the help, ill zip my bin to make sure.
thanks again
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