Uh, how do you change your password?
Click "Indentity" on the left bar, and then at the top of that is a "passwords" link.
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Warning: login failed. The most likely cause is your browser rejecting cookies. You must enable cookies to log in.

This is what i get when i try to login identity. Is someone messing with me or what? I might be hacked or somethin.
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Or maybe your browser doesn't have cookies enabled.
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go there and sign in.
= Rae
In response to Draconite
I had that problem with IE 6.0. Dantom sent me an email on how to enable the cookies. Here's how,

1. right click the icon for your browser on the desktop
2. click properties
3. go to the properties tab
4. click edit
5. enter and

Thats with the IE problem.