.... Dantom.... im shocked, every 10 minuets i look in HUB its changeing awsome job i like it!
keep up the good work!
- RaeKwon ( goes to let his dog out )
In response to Lummox JR
Gif works fine for me, but I also experienced the exact same problems with png as reported.

In response to Shadowdarke
I agree with ya there. Seperation of the Title and then the maker would be must nicer.

My Game, by: LJR

Maybe this format would appear nicer?

In response to Dan
I don't know if you guys are done yet? But I know some people that I send to BYOND as I'm always attracting new people with my games, make be confused on how to join a game. A simple text message at the top or bottom stating to click on the name to learn more about a game may help. Also clicking on a screenshot if its there.

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