Ahem. Oops. I was messing around and accidentally goofed up this thread, so I'm re-opening it now.

The linux version reportedly is not handling screen objects correctly, which is odd, because the backend code is identical between windows and linux. Were there any error reports in the log file?

The log file for the game contains just the following:

Fri Feb 22 13:20:23 2002
World opened on network port 2047.
Welcome BYOND! (Dream Daemon release 312)
I think I mentioned this before the thread-reset, but I will mention it again.

If you pull up Dragon Warrior Online version 152 in the Windows beta (312.43), you will see no problems at all. If you host it from Linux version 312, the menus will not go away...and the monsters will stay on the screen with the exception of the bottom left corner, which SilkWizard said was the actual monster's object where the variables were stored; the rest is just drawn using the new image feature.

Note that if you try it for yourself, .center pulls up the menu (or 5 on the numeric keypad with num-lock off and .northwest (or 7) cancels.

Also, I checked for older versions of the libraries and executables this time....there were none. :P
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This problem should now be fixed, along with the "expired key" problem. Grab the latest linux version and let me know how that goes for you. Sorry for all the trouble today!

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Oh time!!!! :-)

Seems to be working perfect right now. Thanks Dan.
I'm going to see if the new Windows version has that problem, I'll post the results in that thread.