Hey folks, I'm still gamedev'ing it up. No longer with BYOND, but continuing with my online shooter project, Skirmish Online:

I might drop in and do a small BYOND project sometime this summer; who knows?

Also took a look around at everyone else's blogs -- wow! Lots of gurus seem to still be hanging around, and with more cool games as well. Awesome. :)

Good luck to everyone and their projects!
That's sexy
Nice work man. The game looks like heaps of fun.
Glad to see you remember BYOND, and good luck with the contest! :)
Goodluck with you and your projects man, skirmish online looks very awesome !
Looks sweet. I'll have to try it when it's done!

I'm doing some non-BYOND gamedev'ing myself, but I'm not nearly as prolific as you!
Wow, lookin' nice! I remember oh so long ago when I helped test something like this for you -- is this the same thing? Looking spiffy! Hope to see more of you around.
Yay! Small BYOND project! :)
Hey, that's looking awesome! Do you happen to know where Unowuero is these days? I need him to join my Canadians-Only (and some non-Canadians) guild. :)
That's hot.