Space Castle has come a long way in the last couple weeks, but I need some more feed back before I get too far along to rework things. Anyone who liked castle, or RTS style games please stop by and give it a try, then leave me some feed back in the forums.

Glad you are working on things! I'll be happy to check it out if I get a chance, though unfortunately the next few days are busy for me.
Not shameless. Space Castle wins.
Yay for Space Castle and Abra.
Is the Bunchie round in?
Good to see your working on it some more ;)
Scorpions are too strong.
Great games... but read this and tell me if anything is wrong with it... its right out of Space Castle...

"This unit will be available in less that 90 seconds"
I never liked space castle, too boring. Castle is alot better.
Howey wrote:
I never liked space castle, too boring. Castle is alot better.

I agree. I was wondering, when the game castle freezes, is it just the host(sometimes me) or the game? If its the game, can someone fix it.
Congratulations, you just necroed a two-year-old post.
XD, your point? >.>
I see your not replying.
I would like to know if u program in any other languages like <HTML> <JavaScript> <?PHP?> <C> or <C++>??

As you may or may not i am good in HTML, JavaScript, and PHP. I'm working on a web game right now with a friend in the 3 languages i just mentioned. It's a non graphical game yet has images not very far along but it gonna be cool.

It called Strategic Combat. It's source is at if u go to you can see other things I've been working on.