src.Fire1 = "[X]"
if(src.Cmd1 == null)
src.Cmd1 = "Left"
winset(src,"Game.Cmd1","image = 'CmdLeft.png'")

Problem description:

Optional Backstory: I have to rewrite Sea Battles to fit the new interface. So I tried this. My issue is that this is not changing the image when I click it. I've tried several variations and I've checked the skin reference. What's wrong here?
You're certain Cmd1 is null?
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mob/var/Cmd1 has no value.
Copy the image to the rsc first:

var/A = fcopy_rsc('CmdLeft.png')
winset(src, "Game.Cmd1", "image=\ref[A]")
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                if(src.Cmd1 == null)
var/A = fcopy_rsc('CmdLeft.png')
src.Cmd1 = "Left"
winset(src,"Game.Cmd1","image = \ref [A]")

Still nada. I'm gonna dig through the procs a bit to see if I've overlooked something.
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Don't put a space after \ref...remove the spaces in the third param of winset altogether.
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if(src.Cmd1 == null)
var/A = fcopy_rsc('CmdLeft.png')
src.Cmd1 = "Left"

Nothing. The Command of the button I am pressing is called Cmd1.

The variable definition is here.

Turn // Is the turn going?
Hp // Health
Cmd1 // Command 1

I can't figure out what's going on.

EDIT: I've reduced it to where it should do the image change no matter what. Did not work. I've checked the ID of the button, nothing. I don't get why it doesn't work.
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Is Cmd1(X) ever being called? Please check with a
world "Cmd1([X]) has been called."

debug output message to be sure.
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Doah! Figured it out. It was coded as a proc. I didn't realize that I had two separate chat boxes. The person never had the verb! Sorry about my stupidity taking up your time :(