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Problem description:
When you put your mouse over the NPC, his name shows, but also he shows again diagonally to him o.o. I don't know why, can someone tell me what's wrong? I'm also using Lummox's library to do this. I hope that helps... Tank j00 :D
Under mob/MouseEntered() change the line:

var/image/img = image(O,src)


var/image/img = image(O,loc)
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Thanks Robert. I couldn't find it out to save my life!
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I'd also like to note that the turf he is standing on is put diagonally to him... Now how do I get around that?!
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var/t =
var/color = "FFFFFF"
var/outline = "#000000"
if(!color) color="FFFFFF"
if(!outline) outline = "#000000"
var/obj/O = font.ImageName(src,t,color="[findtext(color,"#")?"[color]":"#[color]"]",outline="[outline]")"TITLE"
O.loc = loc

for(var/obj/O in location)//usr.client.images)
del O

This is what I came up with, it works. Don't know how perfectly efficient it is, but it does what it needs to and doesn't appear to be too terribly riddled with bugs.
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This works indeed, the only problem I find is that if you put the mouse over someone moving... the name is placed on the tile they were at as they keep moving. So it's random xD. But I guess it really can't be helped because it's placed on there location when the mouse was on them, not following them as if it were an overlay. I'd say there's a possible way to fix this as well, but I imagine it would be some code reworking.

EDIT: But doesn't this make it so that when you put the mouse over someone there name is available for everyone to see? Not just you?

EDIT 2: This has bugs xD the name doesn't get deleted generally
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You could create the object on mob/New(), make a reference to it in a mob var, then add/remove it to/from client.screen on mouseover and update the screen_loc of the obj in Move().