usr << browse("<hrml><body><style = \"text/css\">body { background-image: url('avamage.jpg'); } </style></body></html>","default.avatar")

Problem description:
Solution Answer #1:
If you can tell me how to set an image thats being output through the browser to shrink/stretch to fill the browser without going over then this is the option I'd prefer

Solution Answer #2:
As you've probably noticed, I'm not good with browsers/html/css but they are crucial to my game so I can't just cut them out, anyways... My problem is that I can't figure out how to set 'avamage.jpg' as the background image(since the background image should be auto-fill), it won't be permenant as the user may decide to change their avatar at any given time.

The code snippit is an edited version of some code that came from the forums from a conversation between xooxer and someone else. I don't claim for the code to be mine, I'm just trying different things.

Bonus info? Don't need any explanations on this just a yes or no... Is it possible to use a grid as a hot key system? I know you can do it with equipment so I think it's possible if I create an object for the macro and drag and drop it to the grid but then I'm not sure how to activate it via macro. E.G. F1 F2 F3, or maybe A, B, C, but I prefew the first set.
In that CSS, it is assumed that 'avamage.jpg' exists in the player's BYOND cache folder. So, you have to make sure you use browse_rsc() to send them the file with that exact filename first.
This applies to any image you use in an html page sent to a player's browser. (Using browse().)

As for the CSS code that will allow you to stretch the image, I believe you have to set the 'background-size' property to 'contain.'

Bonus info: The answer is 'yes.'