CreateActor(actor_loc, actor_icon, actor_icon_state)
var/Actor/A = new(actor_loc)
var/image/A_Image = image(actor_icon, A, actor_icon_state)
Created += A
Created += A_Image
A.attached_image = A_Image
Viewer.client.images += A_Image //display it
return A

var/Actor/A = CreateActor(_loc, Viewer.icon, Viewer.icon_state)//
//for(var/v in Viewer.overlays)
// A.overlays += v
//for(var/v in Viewer.underlays)
// A.underlays += v
A.overlays.Add( Viewer.overlays )
A.underlays.Add( Viewer.underlays )
return A

Problem description:

Well for some reason the first time an actor is created some of the overlays aren't added to it (in either of the cases above commented and uncommented.) and then during the later cutscenes the images don't move at all. They actually become static copies of singles frames and the overlays become the same way. Anyway I can fix this?