So I have this variable under a type:

And I have this proc (both under the same type):
var/mob/mechanism/linkable/linked = link

Problem description:

For whatever reason, I can't use the commented-out version, but I can typecast it and it works fine. I suppose this isn't really a problem, just more of a question as to what this means, for future reference.

Is it compiler error, runtime error, or just code doesn't do anything?
In response to Zaoshi
It's a compiler error.
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Being able to see the error helps too :)
Maybe : operator works, instead of . ?
In response to Zaoshi
The title is the error:
code\ link: output method has no effect here

(line 42 points to the un-cast reference)
No, the colon does not work, and I'd rather do the typecasting than use the colon anyway.
In response to DivineTraveller
Appears there is built-in proc link(). I guess it thinks you call proc, not access object.
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Turns out that was the issue. To think, I had contemplated calling my variable 'linked' earlier anyway. Thanks!
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You can use