src << "Your view has changed, but you are still in the same spot."
src.Skill_Tree = 1
src.client.eye = locate (11,10,2)
winset(src, "default.k", "is-visible=true")
winshow(src, "default.SP", 1)
winset(src, "default.SP", "text=SP-[src.SP]")

Problem description: The problem is that for some reason the client.eye only locates to (11,10,2) when on the bottom left corner of the map(1/4th of the map). When I pass like a certain point and try opening the skill tree, the client.eye just locates to some random black area. Any help?
You need to change client.perspective to EYE_PERSPECTIVE as well.
I also had this same problem. I never solved it, Garthor, where would i put that code? Maybe here:
#if DM_VERSION >= 470
world/map_format = TILED_ICON_MAP
In response to Chaorace
No. Use the Reference.
In response to Garthor
I figured it out I think