for(item as obj in view())
if(item in view())
walk_towards(src, item, 1)

Problem description:

I am trying to get it so that you can choose from a list of items in sight, but it's not working. How can I get it to do what I need it to do?

HOLY SWEET MOTHER OF GOD, I got it working. Nevermind. Thanks for at least taking the time to read this.
For future note, you can condense that to the following:
if(choice=="Take")  //  Use switch() if there's too many if(choice==...
for(var/obj/item in oview(src))
walk_towards(src, item, 1)

In var/path/V, the path (/obj) here specifies what type to look for. The reason for using oview() is that there's no point for walking to an object over on top.

Now note there's a problem here and that is that it resets its direction for each item looped. To make it go to one item at a time:
var/obj/item = locate() in over(src)
if(item) walk_...

If no argument is define in the locate(), it takes the path defined in the variable, which is /obj in this case.
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ALright, well now I'm having trouble with making a object exit. I've already used src.contents+=toTake , but the problem is now I can't figure out how to create it and remove it from the inventory.
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Why don't you just make it Move()?
obj.Move(mob)  //  move an /obj in to a /mob's contents
obj.Move(mob.loc) // Move an /obj to the turf that the /mob is on
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Problem is I want it to be tailored more generically, like if such an item is picked up it is automatically picked up. So the too generic obj. thing won't work.
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You're going to need to give a description of what you want that actually makes sense.