for(var/mob/m in world)
if (m.num == 1)
m.entry = input("Enter your acronym.","Acronym!")
sleep 60
world << "<b><FONT COLOR = purple>1. [src.entry]"

Problem description:

Ive tried probably 20 different things to get this input to send to the whole world, what am I doing wrong?
In response to Garthor
How will that help me? I'm trying to send it to the world and not just the usr.
In response to Slic3y
If you had followed the link that was presented to you with good reason, you had (likely) found that there is an optional parameter for input, namely 'input(Usr=usr,Message,Title,Default) as Type in List'.

When in doubt how to use something, look it up in the reference.
In response to Schnitzelnagler
I must have missed it, thankyou.