for(var/mob/m in world)
if (m.num == 1)
m.entry = input("Enter your acronym.","Acronym!")
sleep 60
world << "<b><FONT COLOR = purple>1. [src.entry]"

Problem description:

Ive tried probably 20 different things to get this input to send to the whole world, what am I doing wrong?
In response to Garthor (#1)
How will that help me? I'm trying to send it to the world and not just the usr.
In response to Slic3y (#2)
If you had followed the link that was presented to you with good reason, you had (likely) found that there is an optional parameter for input, namely 'input(Usr=usr,Message,Title,Default) as Type in List'.

When in doubt how to use something, look it up in the reference.
In response to Schnitzelnagler (#3)
I must have missed it, thankyou.