for(var/mob/Char/M in List_Of_Characters)
var/q = browse_rsc(M)
var/image/I = image(q,icon_state = "")
world << I // to test if it worked
Display += {"
<td align = "center"><img src=
<br><td align = "center">
<td align = "center">Description:

src << browse("Character List<BR><BR> [Display]","window=Character List;can_close = 1")

Problem description:

The code above is basically a convoluted (after a while) attempt to display a unit's icon in browse() (in it's default icon state) without having to make a seperate image file for each one (this will take too much time). Is it possible, and if so, what am I doing wrong?
if you browse("\icon[src]") does that output it ?

edit: tested and it did work.
In response to Pirion
In response to Vexonater
icon = 'Base.dmi'

for(var/M in list(src))
BDisplay += "\icon[M]<br>"
src << browse(BDisplay)

Thats all the code in the project. It displayed as many icons as I wanted it to using the same format (selecting an instance that exists, or using image(icon = 'filename', icon_state = "statname")
To display an icon in a browser window, you'll need to use browse_rsc().