Hey, Today I decided I would look into creating a game, I got everything down from the guide, I got to the part where I create a log-in start point, and I decided to create a Login.dmi thingy, and then my map started getting some error, and my Floor, and wall got weird, so after awhile I decided I'd just delete the map, and create a new one, so I deleted the old one, now everytime I click to create a new map, I get this message.

Due to compilation errors, the object tree cannot be trusted for map generation. These errors must be corrected before editing the map.

Please Help, Thanks.

Edit: I just made a whole new thing, and still the map isn't working, same error message. Help !
Compile (CTRL + K) your project. Fix the first (few) error(s) listed.
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GhostAnime wrote:
Compile (CTRL + K) your project. Fix the first (few) error(s) listed.

I fixed errors, but it wouldn't let me apply walls, or floors. So I did something (I don't remember what.) and the error came back.
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I believe that it's what you can't remember which is causing the trouble.That error is to do with the object tree and not the map so quit deleting it :D

Can you please post some of your code so I can see what you see.

If you want to know how to post your code go here : forum/?action=forum_help#posting

the few times i got this error it was because i had deleted an object that was on the map beforehand.

for instance if i had a tree on my map and then in the DM file i changed the pathway from



it would give that error. in that case i had to set the pathway to null (on the map, not the dm code file), or fix the pathway

it should tell you which object it is.