Well, recently I have had a 2 week temp-job of helping redo this 90 year old building. It has 3 parts and is divided into ABC(Arranged like that also).We tore all the carpet off the whole building(Did I mention it was 3 stories also?) and then cleared out all the trash, debris(Which was fun throwing it into the GIANT dumpster thing out the window). The owner is turning C into his living area for his family, and then the bottom story of A is becoming(this is where my perm-job comes in) an INTERNET COFEE SHOP!

I get to be the first employee!

Yay! The owner is super cool(my boss). He wants to make this place a cool hangout for teens, so far we have these things planned for it...
- Wireless Internet(so if your bring laptop)
- Desktops set (up for people without laptops)
- DDR Machine(It's a big thing, and people here are really starting to get into it)
- Comfortable enviroment, music playing, comfortable chairs, booths, bean bag type chairs.

Anything we are missing to make this a interesting place for teens, yet still having the older generations "Ok" of it?
Tell you boss to hire a bouncer too.

Keep out the chavs eh?
Good idea. :P
Lucky @$%!$@. <.<
Lots and lots of porn.
Yeah your missing that most Teen Hang outs lose a lot of money and close within a month.

If your Boss is serious he needs to be either so rich he can keep the place open with taking bis losses or hes going to have to require them to buy something or pay for something.

The DDR might be popular, but I don't think that alone could keep a place like that open.
Free porn.
If it's a teen hangout, is it located next to a school?
Yes, free pr0n.
Food? You need food.
Thats nice n all but you forgot the first rule of business.... Selling drugs under the table nigga.
Good idea. :P
$5 Entrance fee (gotta pay the bills).
DDR ZOMG. I don't have an aracade or such near my house that has DDR for like miles. Or not that I know of. There is probobly one in my two mile drive to NYC =.=