icon = 'Turfs2.dmi'
icon_state = "create1"
var/name = input("Your characters name","Set name") as text//setting the name of the player = name//setting the players name to the name var from up above
var/mob/M = new//creating a new mob the new mobs name to the users name
M.icon = 'characters.dmi'//setting the icon for the mob
M.icon_state = "fighter1"//setting the icon state
usr.client.mob = M//making the user become the new mob
usr.loc = locate(/turf/start)

So far i know this code is correct but it doesnt work when you click on it in the game why?:

It worked fine when i tried It. Did you place the turf on your map?
In response to Teimori
yes i putt it in my map but it doesnt work.
In response to Chaokai
Most likely you aren't clicking on it. Set its mouse_opacity to 2 and make sure there's nothing obstructing it.
In response to Garthor
Thank you now i changed the mouse_opassity to 2 it works fine. Thank you very much.