set src in view(1)
if (!usr.level == 10)
alert("You must be level 10 exactly to job advance!")

switch(input("What would you like to be?", "Lazer - long ranged fighter", "Headshot - close range kid", "Worrior - cowardly close up homo"))
if ("Lazer - long ranged fighter")
alert("You are now a lazer")
class = "Lazer"
usr.verbs += typesof(/mob/Lazer/verb)
usr.level += 1
if ("Headshot - close range kid")
alert("You are now a headshot")
class = "Headshot"
usr.verbs += typesof(/mob/Headshot/verb)
usr.level += 1
if ("Worrior - cowardly close up homo")
alert("You are now a worrior")
class = "Worrior"
usr.verbs += typesof(/mob/Worrior/verb)
usr.level += 1

Problem description:

For some reason whenever i talk to the guy, he just tells me i am now a Worrior and dosen't even check to see if im level 10 or not.
if( level != 10 )
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Thanks, but it still bypass alot of things and just says i'm a worrior.
In response to Neos300
Yes it would do that. I would suggest pressing F1 in dream making and looking up the reference for input(). Read up on it there and compare what it shows to the code you wrote, and you should be able to see the problem.
You are using input() wrong.

And please keep sexual slurs off of the forum in the future.
<font size=7>No put 'usr' in proc, ungh.</font>

usr.ja(), usr becomes src (except when calling Click() or client procs), input(src,"What would..")

usr.level+=1 ->> usr.level++

If you'd like me to explain you thoroughly in Dutch, that's possible. (Deriving this from the fact you use "ja()" as a proc, and can't spell "Warrior".)
In response to Mysame
Thank you. And yes, those are pusposefully made typos.(I am trying to make a game based on internet cultre.)