load = new ("Save Files/[src.mob.ckey]")
load["oldicon"] >> src.mob.oldicon
load["volun"] >> src.mob.volun
load["doghuman"] >> src.mob.dh
load["inventory"] >> src.mob.contents
load["icon"] >> src.mob.icon
load["iconstate"] >> src.mob.icon_state
load["overlays"] >> src.mob.overlays
load["stamina"] >> src.mob.stamina
load["cash"] >>
load["health"] >>
load["name"] >>
load["owner"] >> src.mob.owner
load["bought"] >> src.mob.bought
load["job1"] >> src.mob.acount
load["job2"] >> src.mob.volun
load["doggender"] >> src.mob.doggend
load["whistle"] >> src.mob.whistlow
load["nuetered"] >> src.mob.nuetered
load["toxin"] >> src.mob.toxin
load["toothrot"] >> src.mob.toothrot
load["teeth"] >> src.mob.teeth
load["ooc"] >> src.mob.ooc
load["baby"] >>
load["holding"] >> src.mob.holding
load["job3"] >> src.mob.catcher
load["dead"] >> src.mob.dead
load["sleep"] >> src.mob.sleeping
load["poowned"] >> src.mob.ownin
load["thirst"] >> src.mob.thirst
load["polocation"] >> src.mob.poloc
load["lastloc"] >> src.mob.lastloc
load["lasticon"] >> src.mob.lasticon
load["aim"] >> src.mob.aim
load["cuffability"] >> src.mob.cuff
load["translating"] >> src.mob.translate
load["bodycount"] >> src.mob.bodycount
load["realcatcher"] >> src.mob.realcatcher
load["warning"] >> src.mob.warning
load["pname"] >> src.mob.pname
load["desc"] >> src.mob.desc
load["pers"] >> src.mob.pers
load["back"] >> src.mob.back
if(src.mob.dead == 1)
src.mob.locked = 1
if(src.mob.dh == "Human")
src.mob.icon = 'mobs.dmi'
src.mob.verbs += typesof(/mob/human/verb)
src.mob.loc = locate("pound")
if(src.mob.volun == 1)
src.mob.verbs += typesof(/mob/vet/verb)
if(src.mob.acount == 1)
if(src.mob.catcher == 1)
if(locate(/obj/items/Handcuffs) in src.mob.contents)
src <<"The password is [worldcode]."
if(src.mob.dcare == 1)
if(src.mob.catcher == 1&&src.mob.realcatcher == 1)
src.mob.verbs += typesof(/mob/catcher/verb)
if(src.mob.dh != "Human")
if(src.mob.bought == 0)
src.mob.verbs += typesof(/mob/dog/verb)
src.mob.loc = locate("cage")
else if(src.mob.dh != "Cat"&&src.mob.dh != "Raccoon")
src.mob.verbs += typesof(/mob/cat/verb)
src.mob.loc = locate("stray")
src.mob.verbs += typesof(/mob/dog/verb)
src.mob.verbs += typesof(/mob/stray/verb)
src.mob.loc = locate("stray")

Problem description:
I have no idea.

proc name: Load (/client/proc/Load)
source file: Saving and,27
usr: Squeegy (/mob)
src: Squeegy (/client)
call stack:
Squeegy (/client): Load()
Squeegy (/mob): Topic("src=\[0x3000000];action=start", /list (/list))
Squeegy (/client): Topic("src=\[0x3000000];action=start", /list (/list), Squeegy (/mob))
Me neither. Where's line 27? Do you really have to be manually loading all those variables? Can't you just use Read(load)?
In response to Kaiochao
Line 27 is

load = new ("Save Files/[src.mob.ckey]")
The actual error would be nice; you just gave us the proc name etc. and below.

Try replacing mob.ckey with just ckey, as it might be an issue with the mob.
In response to Jeff8500
That's all it gave ME.

Place: Load, famous hacker hideout
Code, infamous hacker and creator of many annoying viruses
Godfather, leader of the mob
Ckey, Godfather's right hand man
Mobster 1, mobster
Mobster 2, mobster

Code's Office
Godfather: I'd like to purchase your services.
Code: You the godfather?
Godfather: Yes, I am.
Code: I'm afraid I can't do that.
Godfather: Why not?
Code: I take issue with your mob.
Two shots from Code's gun. BLAM! BLAM!
Godfather slumps to the ground.

Outside Code's Office
Mobster 1: Did you hear that?
Mobster 2: The godfather is dead!
Ckey: Now, don't jump to conclusions...
Mobster 2: He was unarmed!
Mobster 1: What're we gonna do?!
Ckey: I'll tell you what.
Mobsters 1 & 2: What?
Ckey: You're going to die!
Mobster 1: Wha--?
Four shots! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!
Ckey: See ya, suckers. I'm a double agent.
Ckey busts into Code's office.
Ckey: He dead?
Code: Dead as can be.
Ckey: Let's get outta here. Our work is done.

Fade, end of ACT 1