client/script = {"<STYLE>
body {background: #000000; color: #99FFFF};
.o1 {color: #00df00};
.o2 {color: #ce0000};
.o3 {color: #ffcc1c};

proc/fancyOutput(myText, myStyle)
//fixme: support style, sending to text window, etc.
world << "Style is [myStyle]"

return "<div class=[myStyle]>[myText]</div>"

Problem description:

The text is returned, but no color change is evident when it's sent to the output window.

I'm pretty sure outputs only have some CSS support, if any. Did it ever work before?
In response to Jeff8500
I don't remember -- but the F1 help seems to indicate it should work.
In response to Gughunter
This could be a bug; I tried it and even though the reference says the div tag is supported, it didn't work. A decent workaround (for now) would be to change output's style param.
In response to Jeff8500
Yeah, I just went ahead and used "font color=" instead and it's working great. Thanks for the confirmation!

Gughunter wrote:
> client/script = {"<STYLE>
> body {background: #000000; color: #99FFFF};
> .o1 {color: #00df00};
> .o2 {color: #ce0000};
> .o3 {color: #ffcc1c};
> </STYLE>"}

Your CSS is broken; remove the semi-colons after all of your right-braces and it will work.
client/script = {"<STYLE>
body {background: #000000; color: #99FFFF}
.o1 {color: #00df00}
.o2 {color: #ce0000}
.o3 {color: #ffcc1c}
In response to Kuraudo
Hmm, okay! I'll give it a try. Thanks!